Do You Need A Care Manager?



Most older adults want to remain in their own home, in the neighborhood they know and with the independence and personal routines they hold dear. Sometimes, however, unforeseen changes happen in their lives that affect the entire family.    Difficult decisions, complex, unfamiliar information, injuries, illness, death of a spouse and a multitude of unknowns can make it harder for them to take care of day-to-day needs on their own.



Reasons to Choose Care Management:

  • An older adult knows more assistance is needed to live safely and independently, but does not want to “burden” the family;
  • A spouse or adult child becomes overwhelmed with time-intensive caregiving responsibilities alongside his/her own work and family demands;
  • Siblings differ on the next steps to take with caring for a parent with a progressive illness or end-of-life decisions;
  • A family member finds long-distance care of parents increasingly difficult to manage;
  • An attorney questions a client’s capacity, suspects issues of neglect or needs a
    comprehensive assessment to complete
    legal matters.