Care Management

A care manager who specializes in senior care can provide the needed support through difficult periods in one’s life, as well as, improve the number and caliber of available resources for short-term and long-term goals.



Alliance in Aging (AIA) starts with a registered nurse conducting a comprehensive assessment that reveals the Client’s unique needs and goals. Then, a personalized and comprehensive plan is developed as a roadmap to guide the individual through the best and preferred options. The care manager can locate, arrange and monitor care services for the individual in both home and facility to insure optimal outcomes.


The care manager works in a collaborative partnership with not only the older adult and family, but also other community professionals such as attorneys, physicians, bank trust officers, accountants, pharmacists, rehabilitation therapists, clergy, home care agencies, assisted living and nursing facilities.

Our Pledge To You: With deep respect for individual needs, rights, and beliefs, Alliance in Aging provides resourceful, expert, and ethical care management services to every person we serve.


Alliance in Aging advocates for the elderly and their families exclusively. There is no financial affiliation or conflict of interest with any providers of services and care. AIA remains independent from resources recommended in order to provide unbiased assessment of the Client’s situation.